MaxxmAlarm 130dB Personal Alarm instAlert in Matte Rose Gold and Matte Blue colors with carabiner on concrete

Easy and stylish personal alarm

This is the favorite of the young women in my life. The alarm is super loud - very attention-grabbing, and startling. Very easy to use.

- R. Cain

MaxxmAlarm 130dB Personal Alarm illume with LED light in Matte Rose Gold color with carabiner on car keys

GREAT personal safety device

I am so pleased with this small alarm that emits a HUGE sound. I wear mine on a lanyard and feel much safer walking to and from my car.

-Brenda L.

MaxxmAlarm 130dB Personal Alarm with LED light in Matte Rose Gold color being held by runner

Great safety device!

We trialed these alarms within our hospital and decided to implement the alarms for all staff. We placed one large order and the alarms were very well received. We will be ordering many more. Great customer service as well!

-Emily N.

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