At MaxxmAlarm, we care about your safety. The safety of your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your children. We also strongly believe in Social Responsibility and commit to the promotion and the support of the growing Street Harassment movement. Your personal security and peace of mind is our number one priority, and to help keep you safe, we have engineered a collection of personal alarms to act as a safeguard and deterrent from potential harm. Take back your personal protection with MaxxmAlarm!



One day, we were sitting at a friend’s desk, and noticed her small and unassuming plastic key-fob. When we picked it up, our friend warned us to be careful with it and not to set it off.  Just as we said “Set what off?” the fob emitted the most ear piercing siren we had ever heard.  It was utterly terrifying and nearly knocked us off of our chairs.  Once we gained back our composure, we thought WOW, this could really help someone in danger!  And, the rest is history!



Inspired by the shape of an average key fob, the MaxxmAlarm personal alarm system emits an ear piercing 130dB siren which will not only startle the most threatening potential aggressor, but will also alert others to your immediate need of help. Available in multiple colors for both adults and kids, attach MaxxmAlarm to your purse, your belt loop, your key ring, your kid’s backpack or simply wear it around your neck for easy access. Hopefully you won’t have to use it, but if you do, you’ll be thankful that you had it to aid in your protection.