"Women ages 18-24 who are college students are 3 times more likley than women in general to experience sexual violence" 

See full article here: https://www.rainn.org/statistics/victims-sexual-violence

How can I make a difference?

  1. Raise Your Right Hand & Take the pledge: I pledge to #StopStandSpeak against #sexual #violence & #harassment in any form or shape!
  2. Make a purchase: Proceeds from the device's sale will go toward charities* that will help victims of sexual violence and harassment. We will donate at least $1 and up to 20% of net sales every month to a designated charity of choice.  
*Click to see charities we have partnered with in the past. 


    sierraubrey: "The walk from the car to the door can pump adrenaline and seem like a mission. Any time I'm about to get out of the car by myself at night, I wedge my key between my fingers in a fist and prepare to defend myself in case the worst happens. And I live in a SAFE neighborhood, and work in a SAFE environment. If I feel this anxiety given my circumstances, I can't imagine other women who deal with this at an even higher level"


    a_nnabae: "The other day, I was walking home from doing some hw with my sister around 1 am (I know, I need to sleep earlier). It was really dark and for some reason, people were headed to bars on a Wednesday. (Don't you have work to do? Or class tomorrow??? Like what???) Some guys crossed my path and I honestly was so nervous even though they hadn't so much as looked at me. I hate feeling that way. Who else experiences that? I found out about the @MaxxmAlarmSOS though and I am SO HAPPY."