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Is the Personal Alarm Reusable?

Yes! Our instAlert model can be used for up to 30 minutes and our illume model can be used for up to 60 minutes before needing to change the batteries.

How loud is my alarm?

130 decibels (about as loud as a military jet on take-off), please only use in emergency situations.

 Decibel Reference


What comes in the box?

Our illume and instAlert personal alarms come with a lanyard and a carabiner. Please note our basic personal alarm collection only includes a carabiner.

How do I activate/deactivate the alarm?

instAlert: Please pull the pin top completely out of the device to sound the 130dB alarm continuously and reinsert to silence the alarm. You can also press and hold the side SOS button to give a quick warning.

illume: Press the side SOS button once to activate and once more to de-activate. You can also pull the pin top to activate and push back down to deactivate (PIN TOP CANNOT BE PULLED COMPLETELY OUT OF DEVICE).

Is this ready to use out of the box?

The battery is preinstalled  - please open the battery cover and remove the plastic battery separator insert and your alarm will be ready to use!

Can I change the battery?

Yes the battery is replaceable for our illume and instAlert collections

What batteries do you recommend for the devices? 

We recommend using Energizer brand or other battery brands without the bitterant coating for optimal performance. Batteries with bitterant coatings might not work with MaxxmAlarm or other battery-powered products, depending on the alignment of the coating in relation to the battery contacts.

The battery types for each model:

instAlert: CR2016 

illume: CR2032

How do I open the battery cover?

instAlert: On the back of the device, slide downwards to open the battery cover. Check here for a video demonstration. 

illume: On the front of the device (where the MaxxmAlarm logo is), slide upwards to open the battery cover. Check here for a video demonstration.

How should the batteries be inserted into the device?

Please insert two new batteries into the device, making sure that the positive side is facing up.

How long is the warranty good for?

1 year from date of purchase, you MUST register within 30 days of purchasing your product 

How to register for the one-year warranty?

Follow this link to the product registration page

Can I fly with this alarm or is this airport friendly?

Yes, all MaxxmAlarm personal alarms are TSA approved, and we have flown and carried it many times ourselves through both domestic and international airports without any issues.  They don't even have to be taken out of your bags.

Is Imaxalarm related to MaxxmAlarm?

Yes! We re-branded from Imaxalarm to MaxxmAlarm in 2020.