Are you a director of security or loss prevention or a hotel general manager that is looking for a low cost, easy to implement solution to keep your staff safe? MaxxmAlarm is here to partner with you. 

Q: How sturdy are MaxxmAlarm panic safety devices?

A: MaxxmAlarm safety devices are are sturdy. Built to withstand tough conditions and made from high-quality materials helps ensure the devices sturdiness and longevity.

Q: What is the total usage time for MaxxmAlarm panic safety devices?

A: 60 minutes.

Q: Are MaxxmAlarm panic safety devices easily attachable?

A: Yes! MaxxmAlarm safety devices come with a free carabiner in every box that can easily be attached. A bonus lanyard is also included and has a breakaway safety function (clasps on the lanyard that snap open) to prevent strangling hazard.

Q: Do you make a panic safety device that can easily be activated by my staff?

A: Yes! MaxxmAlarm safety devices come with a SOS button on the side of the alarm that can be easily activated with one hand by pressing the SOS button one time.

Q: Are the device's batteries replaceable and easy to order?

A: Yes! MaxxmAlarm safety devices all include batteries that can be replaced with common household batteries. Our instAlert model uses two CR2016 and our illume model uses two CR2032 batteries. We recommend utilizing the Energizer brand.  

Q: How often do I need to replace the batteries in my MaxxmAlarm?

A: After 1 year with minimal to no usage. Even if the alarm is not being activated frequently, we recommend replacing batteries annually for optimal use. We recommend testing your device on a monthly basis and depending on your usage levels of the device, you may need to change the battery more frequently.