Are you a director of security or loss prevention or a hotel general manager that is looking for a low cost, easy to implement solution to keep your staff safe? Are you facing these questions every day and not sure what to do?

Q: How sturdy are MaxxmAlarm panic safety devices?

A: MaxxmAlarm safety devices are are built to withstand tough conditions and is made from high-quality materials that ensure its sturdiness and longevity.

Q: I need a panic safety device with 60 minutes total usage?

A: MaxxmAlarm illume personal safety devices provide 60 minutes of continuous usage time for the alarm

Q: I need a panic safety device that can easily attach to the person?

A: MaxxmAlarm safety devices come with a free carabiner in every box that can easily be attached. A bonus lanyard is also included and has a breakaway safety function (clasps on the lanyard that snap open) to prevent strangling hazard.

Q: I need a panic safety device that can be easily activated by our staff.

A: MaxxmAlarm safety devices can be easily activated with one hand.