Learn more about preventing workplace violence in the Hospitality Industry:

5 Tips for Hotel Housekeeping Safety

Finding and retaining quality staff can be difficult for hotels, especially for smaller chains competing with larger ones. To maintain a desirable workplace, implementing security and personal safety programs can be helpful, as incidents of harassment and assault have increased in the industry. Here are some ideas to improve personal safety for housekeeping staff: reduce daily service, clean in teams, provide personal panic buttons, create a safety culture, and monitor the property. These simple and low-cost ideas can make a significant impact on employee personal safety and reduce the risk of workplace violence incidents.

Source: https://www.acuity.com/the-focus/hotels/5-tips-for-hotel-housekeeping-personal-safety

Recommended Practices for Effective Hazard Identification and Assessment for Workplace Safety

Identifying and assessing hazards in the workplace are critical for any safety program, to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and incidents. Employers and workers should:

1) Collect existing information about workplace hazards

2) Inspect the workplace for safety hazards

3) Identify health hazards

4) Conduct incident investigations

5) Identify hazards associated with emergency and nonroutine situations

6) Characterize the nature of identified hazards, identify interim control measures, and prioritize the hazards for control

Source: https://www.osha.gov/safety-management/hazard-prevention