The MaxxmAlarm SOS Alert is an easy to use personal security device. Simply pull the key from the top of the device and it will immediately emit a deafening 130db siren which will help deter a potential attack, and draw the attention of people around you to your emergency. A 130dB siren is equivalent to a 200 person marching band, a jackhammer, or the sound of a military jet take-off from an aircraft carrier with afterburner at 50 ft. Now that is LOUD! 


The SOS Alert device comes ready to use, right out of the box, and has a continuous run time of 30 minutes. In terms of 130 dB, 30 minutes is a lifetime as prolonged exposure of over a minute to 130dB sound will cause permanent hearing loss. The alarm can be easily turned off by re-inserting the key into the top of the device. The box also includes a carabiner and lanyard for wearing around your neck or for attachment to your purse, keys, or backpack. With MaxxmAlarm, your personal safety and peace of mind will be with you wherever you go.